999 exercise 7: quotations

Introduce the following quotations—see Nugget 3: say who speaks before giving the quote, in the same sentence.

Also document the quotations in MLA style (see Q1): either put the page number in the parentheses, or if there is no pagination, put the author’s last name in the parentheses)


  1. “Why do I want a wife?”

                     Judy Brady, “I Want a Wife,” p. 150.


     2. “As a child, I had no idea what homosexuality was.”

                    Andrew Sullivan, “Why the M Word Matters to Me,” p. 157


     3. “Yes, parents impart values. But values come from other useful sources, too.”

                    Sam Schulman, “Letting Go,” p. 166


     4. “Statistics, facts not generally known, and your reporting, summarizing, or paraphrasing of either general ideas or specific statements in another source all require in-text parenthetical citation.”

                    Chip Rogers, “Quotations,” chipspage.com.


     5. “To promote students who cannot read or do math is no favor to them.”

                    Diane Ravitch, “In Defense of Testing,” p. 315.