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English 1101.03A schedule, spring 2021

Updated 4/25/21

This schedule of readings and assignments is tentative and subject to change as need arises.

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Wednesday, January 13  

Course syllabus
1101 syllabus supplement
1101 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Monday, January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day No class meeting No class meeting
Tuesday, January 19 Drop/add ends    
Wednesday, January 20 Student info (online)
Simple Stuff
Golden rules 1-5

GA introduction

Writing exercise 1

Monday, January 25 Writing exercise 2 Golden rules 6-10
Little, Brown Reader (LBR):
  "Hollow Claims about Fantasy . . ." 109-11
Wednesday, January 27   LBR: "Letting Go" 164-66 WC Online registration
Monday, February 1 Golden rules exam (D2L quiz) LBR: "Big Mother Is Watching" 428-31 Writing exercise 3
Wednesday, February 3   Nuggets 1-3
"Obsessed with Sport"
Writing exercise 4
Monday, February 8   Nuggets 4-7
Handout: "It Isn't Just a Game"
Paper 1 assigned
Wednesday, February 10 Paper 1 proposal Nuggets 8-10
On plagiarism
Persuasive format
Monday, February 15 Paper 1 draft Persuasive format Peer response 1
Wednesday, February 17   Quotations 1-2
LBR: "Class Dismissed" 294-96
Friday, February 19 Nuggets exam (D2L quiz)    
Monday, February 22 Paper 1 final draft Quotations 3-4
Persuasive format sample 1
Handout: "Why Do American Kids Learn So Little?"
Wednesday, February 24   Quotations 5
"10 Qualities of Good Teachers"
Persuasive format sample 1
Monday, March 1   Persuasive format sample 2
: "Proposal to Abolish Grading" 312-14
  "In Defense of Testing" 315-16
  "Two Cheers for Examinations" 317-20
Writing exercise 5
Wednesday, March 3 Paper 1 corrections   Paper 2 assigned
In-class essay
Friday, March 5

Paper 2 proposal due at 5:00 p.m.

Monday, March 8 Paper 2 draft Word problems Peer response 2
Wednesday, March 10

Word problems exam (D2L quiz)

Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade

LBR: "Work" 331-36  
Monday, March 15 Paper 2 final draft Handout: "What You Do Is What You Are"  
Wednesday, March 17   LBR: "Brains as Well as Brawn" 337-38
  "Case for Working with Your Hands" 338-47
Monday, March 22 In-class essay corrections Handouts: "Work, Labor and Play"
  "The Importance of Work"
Paper 3 assigned
Wednesday, March 24 Paper 3 proposal Proposal conferences Proposal conferences
Monday, March 29 Paper 3 draft   Peer response 3
Wednesday, March 31 Paper 2 corrections LBR: "Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls" 232-35  
Monday, April 5 Paper 3 final draft Online: "Barbie Doll"
LBR: "I Want a Wife" 150-51
Wednesday, April 7   LBR: "Women's Brains" 223-28
  "You Are What You Say" 368-73

  "The Second Shift" 144-49
Monday, April 12 Quotations exam (D2L quiz) Class canceled No class meeting
Wednesday, April 14  

Online: "Hard Rock"
: "The Male Myth" 229-31
Handout: "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"

Paper 4 assigned
Monday, April 19   Handouts: "Men as Success Objects"
    "The Men We Carry in Our Minds"
Wednesday, April 21

Paper 4 proposal

  Writing Matters Test
Friday, April 23 Paper 3 corrections    
Monday, April 26 Paper 4 draft   Peer response 4
Paper conferences
Wednesday, April 28   Handout: "The Prisoner's Dilemma"  
Final exam
Thursday, April 29
    Final exam essay
Last day to submit work
Wednesday, May 5
12:00 noon
Paper 4 final draft
Paper 1-3 rewrites