English 1113.007 schedule, fall 2005

Updated 12/12/05

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Monday, August 22  

Course description
1113 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Golden rules 1-5
Wednesday, August 24 Student info (online) Common syllabus
Guide to College Writing

Golden rules 6-10
Assessment tests
Monday, August 29 Golden rules quiz
Golden rules quiz w/ answers
Persuasive format
Simple Stuff

Guide to College Writing 63-67
Handout: "The Prisoner's Dilemma"
Wednesday, August 31 Golden rules exam (online)

***Drop/add ends***
Format sample essay
Nuggets 1-5

Handouts: "The Family"
 "The Dying Family"
Monday, September 5

Labor Day Holiday

Labor Day Holiday Labor Day Holiday
Wednesday, Sept. 7

Nuggets quiz
Nuggets quiz w/ answers

Writing exercise 1

Format sample 2
Nuggets 6-10

Making Sense:
"Why I Want a Wife" (591-93)
Handout: "Menaces to Society?"
Monday, September 12

Nuggets exam (online) 

Quotes and documentation 1-3
Guide to College Writing 169-82
Handout: "My Husband's Nine Wives"
In-class essay 1
Wednesday, Sept. 14

Quotes/documentation quiz
QD quiz w/ answers

Quotes and documentation 4-5
Guide to College Writing 183-96
 "Political Economy and Family Policy"
Paper 1 assigned
Writing exercise 2
Monday, September 19 QD exam (online)   Format sample 3
"Here Comes the Groom"
 "Marriage as a Restricted Club"
Wednesday, Sept. 21 Paper 1 draft Word problems
On plagiarism
Peer response 1
Monday, September 26 Word problems quiz
Paper 1 final draft
Making Sense:
"Black Hair" (190-97)
 "What You Do Is What You Are"

 "Work, Labor, and Play"
Wednesday, Sept. 28   Handouts: "Work"
 "The Importance of Work"
Monday, October 3 In-class essay 1 corrections Making Sense:
 "Berlitz Guide . . ." (422-23)
 "The No-Book Report" (522-27)
 "Why Do American Kids Learn So Little?"
Wednesday, October 5   Handouts:
 "Order in the Classroom"

 "Japanese Education"
Monday, October 10   Handouts:
 "A Proposal to Abolish Grading"
 "In Defense of Testing"
Paper 2 assigned
Wednesday, October 12   Handouts:
 "A Liberating Curriculum"
 "A War Against Grade Inflation"
Monday, October 17 Paper 2 draft Making Sense:
 "Sonnet 18" (420)
 "Alpha Girl" (310-17)
Peer response 2
Wednesday, October 19   Making Sense:
 "The Deer at Providencia" (98-102)
Online: "Barbie Doll"
 "Siren Song"
Monday, October 24 Paper 1 corrections  Making Sense:
 "Cross Talk" (371-75)
 "There Is No Unmarked Woman"
Wednesday, October 26 Paper 2 final draft  Making Sense:
"About Men" (223-26)

 "Guys vs. Men" (399-406)
Writing exercise 3
Monday, October 31   Making Sense:
 "Being a Man" (596-99)
 "The American Man, Age Ten" (68-78)

 "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"
Paper 3 assigned
Wednesday, Nov. 2   Handouts:
 "Men as Success Objects"
 "The Men We Carry in Our Minds"

Online: "Hard Rock"
Monday, November 7 Topic sentence outline &
Paper 3 draft
Guide to College Writing 69-77
Making Sense:
 "Laura Bush: Bitch or Victim?" (335-38)
Peer response 3
Wednesday, Nov. 9 Writing exercise 4
Making Sense:
 "College Pressures" (292-99)
 "Why Not a Football Degree?" (669-72)
 "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" (413-17)
Thursday, November 10 Last day to withdraw w/ "W"    
Monday, November 14 Paper 2 corrections Guide to College Writing 77-85
Making Sense:
 "A Jury of Her Peers" (551-65)
In-class essay 2
Wednesday, Nov. 16 Paper 3 final draft  The Thirty-Nine Steps vii-xxii, 7-36   
Monday, November 21   The Thirty-Nine Steps 37-82  
November 23-25
Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break
Monday, November 28


The Thirty-Nine Steps 83-111
Making Sense:
 "Classification and Division" (271-90)
 "My Circle of Friends" (306-8)
Paper 4 assigned
Wednesday, Nov. 30 In-class essay 2 corrections  Making Sense:
 "Comparison and Contrast" (353-70)
 "Ali and Jordan" (383-85)
Monday, December 5 Topic sentence outline
Making Sense:
 "Cause-and-Consequence Analysis" (485-501)
 "Credit Card Debt . . ." (509-15)
Wednesday, Dec. 7   Making Sense:
 "Definition" (573-88)
 "Obsessed with Sport"
 "It Isn't Just a Game"
Discuss exam
  Paper 4 draft   Peer response 4
Final exam
Monday, Dec. 12, 12:45-2:45
Paper 3 corrections 
Paper 4 final draft


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