English 1213.002 schedule, spring 2007

Updated 4/23/07

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Tuesday, January 9  

Course syllabus
Common syllabus
1213 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Golden rules 1-5
Thursday, January 11 Student info form (online) Simple Stuff
Golden rules 6-10
"The Hidden Life of SUV's"
Assessment testing
Discussion of question-driven essays
Tuesday, January 16 Snow day: RSU closed

Snow day: RSU closed

Snow day
Thursday, January 18

Golden rules quiz
Golden rules quiz answers


Tuesday, January 23 Golden rules exam (online)
Writing exercise 1
Nuggets 1-5
The Writer's Presence (WP):
  "People Like Us" 344-49
"Our Celebrities, Ourselves" 426-32
Writing exercise 2
Wednesday, January 24 Drop/add ends    
Thursday, January 25

Nuggets quiz
Nuggets quz answers

Nuggets 6-10
"Stories Hollywood Never Tells" 872-81
Tuesday, January 30

Nuggets exam (online)

Quotes and documentation 1-3
WP: "Salvation" 162-65
  "Shooting an Elephant" 221-27
  "The Insufficiency of Honesty" 349-54
Paper 1 assigned
Thursday, February 1

Quotes/documentation quiz
QD quiz answers

Quotes and documentation 4-5
: "Singer Solution to World Poverty" 800-5
  "America, Look at Your Shame!" 625-32
Introductions and
Tuesday, February 6 QD exam (online)
Paper 1 draft
Word problems
On plagiarism
Peer response 1
Thursday, February 8 Word problems quiz Persuasive format
WP: "A&P" 959-64
In-class essay 1
Tuesday, February 13 Paper 1 final draft
Format sample essay
WP: "Against Love" 755-62
  "The Trouble with Self-Esteem" 806-13
Thursday, February 15   Format sample 2
WP: "Why I Am Not a Christian" 773-85
Tuesday, February 20   Format sample 3
Online: "Barbie Doll"
: "Why Women Smile" 355-60

Handout: "Femininity
Paper 2 assigned
Thursday, February 22   Online: "Hard Rock"
: "The Men We Carry in Our Minds" 786-91

  "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"
  "Men as Success Objects"
Tuesday, February 27 Paper 2 draft   Peer response 2
Thursday, March 1   Class canceled Class canceled
Tuesday, March 6

In-class essay 1 corrections
Writing exercise 3

WP: "Worried? Us?" 763-67
"Hooking Up" 610-18

Research project assigned
Thursday, March 8   Library work day
Library work day
Friday, March 9      
Tuesday, March 13 Paper 1 corrections
Paper 2 final draft
WP: "Is a Holy War Inevitable??" 335-43
  "Reading Lolita in Tehran" 516-25
  "Through Other Eyes" 549-56
Thursday, March 15 Writing exercise 4   In-class essay 2
Monday, March 19-
Friday, March 23
Spring break Spring break Spring break
Tuesday, March 27 Research project due

  "The Death of Ivan Ilych" 1278-1300

Paper 3 assigned

Thursday, March 29   Handout:
  "The Death of Ivan Ilych" 1300-1319
Tuesday, April 3 Paper 3 draft Handout:
  Tolstoy criticism (three articles)
Peer response 3
Thursday, April 5 Paper 2 corrections Frankenstein 5-33 (through ch. 2)  
Tuesday, April 10 Paper 3 final draft    
Thursday, April 12   Frankenstein 33-91 (Chs. 3-12)  
Friday, April 13 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
Tuesday, April 17 In-class essay 2 corrections Frankenstein 91-142 (Chs. 13-20) Paper 4 assigned
Thursday, April 19  
Frankenstein 142-95 (Chs. 21-end)  
Tuesday, April 24 Paper 4 draft
  Peer response 4 
Thursday, April 26   WP: "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" 942-54
  "Young Goodman Brown" 901-11
Discuss exam
Final exam
Tuesday, May 1
Paper 3 corrections
Paper 4 final draft

Note that this schedule of readings and assignments is tentative.  I will make additions and adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.