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English 2122.01 schedule, spring 2023

Updated 4/26/23

Note that this course schedule is tentative.





March 8-10

Course syllabus
21XX syllabus supplement
2000-4000 grades and grading
Definition of Plagiarism

Student info form (online)
Syllabus quiz (D2L quiz) 
Plagiarism pledge (D2L dropbox)
Threaded discussion 1 (D2L)

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March 9


First-Generation Romantics


March 10-19

Simple Stuff
Golden rules

The Romantic Era

William Blake overview
William Blake headnote pp. 44-46
   – "The Lamb" 50-51 & "The Tyger" 58
   – "The Chimney Sweeper" (two versions) 51-52 & 57
   – "The Divine Image" 52-53 & "The Human Abstract" 60-61

William Wordsworth overview
Wordsworth headnote 124-26
"We Are Seven" 278-79
"Lines Composed . . . Tintern Abbey" 131-35
"The world is too much with us" 189-90
"My heart leaps up" 179

Samuel Taylor Coleridge overview
Coleridge headnote 251-54    

"The Eolian Harp" 254-55   
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" 258-74 

Threaded discussion (D2L)

Possible critical response


Second-Generation Romantics


March 27-April 1


Percy Bysshe Shelley overview
Shelley headnote 385-88
  "Mont Blanc" 389-93
  "Ozymandias" 395
  "England in 1819" 396
"Ode to the West Wind" 396-98

Felicia Dorothea Hemans headnote 466-67
  "Casabianca" 468-69
  "Indian Woman's Death Song" 474-75

John Keats overview
Keats headnote 475-78    

  "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer" 478
  "La Belle Dame sans Merci" 497-99
  "Ode to a Nightingale" 501-3
  "Ode on a Grecian Urn" 503-5

Threaded discussion (D2L)

Possible critical response

Victorian poetry

April 1-April 8


The Victorian Era

Elizabeth Barrett Browning overview
Elizabeth Barrett Browning headnote 575-77
  "The Cry of the Children" 587-90
  "From Sonnets from the Portuguese" 581-82
  "From Aurora Leigh" 598-603

Alfred, Lord Tennyson overview 
Tennyson headnote 604-7
  "The Lady of Shalott"  609-14

  "Ulysses" 618-20
  "The Charge of the Light Brigade" 678-79

Robert Browning overview
Robert Browning headnote 767-70
  "Porphyria's Lover" 720-21    

  "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister" 772-74    

  "My Last Duchess" 774-75

Threaded discussion (D2L)

Possible critical response

Withdrawal deadline
April 7
Last day to withdraw with "W" grade

Victorian fiction

April 9-15

Word problems

Charles Dickens overview

Dickens headnote 707-9
  A Christmas Carol 710-66

Robert Louis Stevenson headnote 886-87
  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Threaded discussion (D2L)

Critical response

Critical response corrections
      (for those graded by April 12th)


April 16-22

Elements of fiction
Elements of poetry

Joseph Conrad overview

Conrad headnote 1056-60
  Heart of Darkness 1060-1117

Virginia Woolf overview
headnote 1165-66
  "The Mark on the Wall"
  "Professions for Women" 1237-41

T.S. Eliot overview
T.S. Eliot headnote 1319-22
  "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" 1322-25
  "The Hollow Men" 1339-42

Threaded discussion (D2L)

Critical response

Critical response corrections
      (for those graded by April 19th)


Later 20th-century

April 23-29

Wilfred Owen headnote 1117-18

James Joyce overview
  "Araby" 1244-48

W. H. Auden headnote 1429-30
  "Musée des Beaux Arts" 1433-34
  "The Unknown Citizen" 1436-37

Philip Larkin Headnote
  "Church Going" 1452
  "Ambulances" 1454
  "This Be the Verse" 1456


Threaded discussion (D2L)

Critical response

Critical response corrections
      (for those graded by April 25th)

Reading Days
April 29-May 2
Exam prep and corrections
Final exam
May 3-4