English 3123 schedule, spring 2005

Note that this schedule of readings and assignments is tentative.  I will make additions and adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.

Updated 4/17/05
Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Tuesday, January 11  

Introduction to course
Grades and grading
Persuasive format
Thursday, January 13 Student info form (online)

Simple Stuff
Golden rules 1-10

Format sample essay
Ancient Rhetorics 1-33

Tuesday, January 18 Golden rules exam (online)
Simple stuff exercise
Nuggets 1-10
Format sample 2
Ancient Rhetorics 36-51
Handout: "Work"
Thursday, January 20

Nuggets quiz
Nuggets quiz answers

Ancient Rhetorics 53-71
Handouts: "Work, Labor, and Play"
 "The Importance of Work"
Friday, January 21 Drop/add ends    
Sunday, January 23 Nuggets exam (online)    
Tuesday, January 25
Quotes and documentation 1-5
Word problems

Ancient Rhetorics 71-92
Handouts: "War Games"
 "The End of Play"
Thursday, January 27 QD quiz
QD quiz answers
Ancient Rhetorics 95-118
Handouts: "Winning Isn't Everything"
 "Time to Hang Up the Sports Clichés"
Essay 1 assigned
Sunday, January 30 QD exam (online)    
Tuesday, February 1 Word problems quiz
Essay 1 draft
Ancient Rhetorics 118-30
Peer response 1
Thursday, February 3   On plagiarism
Ancient Rhetorics

Online: "Barbie Doll"

  "The Centerfold Syndrome"
Tuesday, February 8 Essay 1 final draft

Ancient Rhetorics 148-61
 "Siren Song"
 "A Red, Red Rose"
 "The Laundromat"
 "What's That Smell in the Kitchen?"

Thursday, February 10   Ancient Rhetorics 163-81
 "The 'Act Like a Man' Box"
 "Hard Rock Returns. . . ."
 "We Real Cool"
 "What the Motorcycle Said"
 "The Flea"
Essay 2 assigned
Tuesday, February 15 Syllabus input Ancient Rhetorics 181-202
Thursday, February 17 Essay 2 draft Ancient Rhetorics 205-18
Peer response 2
Tuesday, February 22

Essay 1 corrections

Ancient Rhetorics 220-37
Handouts: "The Family"
 "The Dying Family"
Thursday, February 24 Essay 2 final draft Ancient Rhetorics 239-55
 "Political Economy and Family Policy"
Tuesday, March 1   Ancient Rhetorics 257-76
Handouts: "Here Comes the Groom"
 "Marriage as a Restricted Club"
Essay 3 assigned
Thursday, March 3   Ancient Rhetorics 278-98
Handout: "My Husband's Nine Wives"
Tuesday, March 8 Essay 3 draft Ancient Rhetorics 298-313 Peer response 3
Thursday, March 10 Essay 2 corrections Ancient Rhetorics 316-29  
Friday, March 11 Essay 3 final draft (turn in at Chip's office)    
Monday, March 14-
Friday, March 18
Spring break Spring break Spring break
Tuesday, March 22   Ancient Rhetorics 330-50
Handouts: "The Prisoner's Dilemma"
 Two views on "Three Strikes"
Thursday, March 24   Ancient Rhetorics 353-72
Handouts: "The Case for Torture"
 "ALA Resolution against Torture"
Essay 4 assigned
Tuesday, March 29 Essay 3 corrections

Ancient Rhetorics 372-83
Handouts "Hailing while Black"
 "Race Is Over"
 "Just Walk on By"

Thursday, March 31 Essay 4 draft Ancient Rhetorics 384-89 Peer response 4
Tuesday, April 5 Essay 4 final draft Ancient Rhetorics 389-92
Handouts: "Proposal to Abolish Grading"
 "In Defense of Testing"
Thursday, April 7   Ancient Rhetorics 392-95
Handouts: "Honey, I Warped the Kids"
 "In Praise of Gore"
 "Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence"
Tuesday, April 12   Ancient Rhetorics 395-99
Handouts: "The Hard Sell"
 "Advertising as Capitalist Realism"
 "The Language of Advertising Claims"
Thursday, April 14   Ancient Rhetorics 399-407  
Friday, April 15 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
Tuesday, April 19   Handouts: "Myths about Advertising"
 "The Dour Critics of Advertising"
 "Sex Is Still Doing the Selling"
Thursday, April 21    Handouts: "Women Fight Back"
 "Censorship or Education?"
Essay 5 assigned
Tuesday, April 26 Essay 4 corrections Handouts: "Dirt and Democracy"
  "Why American Kids Learn So Little"
Thursday, April 28 Essay 5 draft   Peer response 5 
Final exam
Thursday, May 5 9:30 a.m.
Essay 5 final draft