English 3999 schedule, spring 2015

Updated 4/22/15         

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Tuesday, January 13  

Course syllabus
2000-4000 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Simple Stuff

Thursday, January 15 Student info (online)
Drop/add ends
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
"The Mystery of Marie Rogêt" 26-66
"The Purloined Letter" 76-91
Tuesday, January 20   Quotes and documentation 1-3
The Moonstone
vii-xxx, xxxviii-xxxix, 1-105
Thursday, January 22


On plagiarism
The Moonstone
Tuesday, January 27   The Moonstone 221-356  
Thursday, January 29   The Moonstone 356-472  
Tuesday, February 3


Dostoyevsky overview
Crime and Punishment
Thursday, February 5


Crime and Punishment 106-212  
Tuesday, February 10   Crime and Punishment 212-332  
Thursday, February 12   Crime and Punishment 332-430  
Tuesday, February 17   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1-92  
Thursday, February 19   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 93-170  
Tuesday, February 24   Favorite Father Brown Stories 1-77 Discuss exam
Thursday, February 26     Midterm exam
Tuesday, March 3   The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 1-146 Paper 1 assigned
Wednesday, March 4 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
Thursday, March 5   The Murder of Roger Ackroyd 147-286  
Friday, March 6 Paper proposal due via email
to chip@chipspage.com by midnight
Monday, March 9-
Saturday, March 14
Spring break Spring break Spring break
Tuesday, March 17 Paper 1 due The Maltese Falcon 1-111  
Thursday, March 19 Class cancelled for MGA presidential address The Maltese Falcon 112-217 Class cancelled
Tuesday, March 24   The Long Goodbye 1-100  
Thursday, March 26   The Long Goodbye 101-226  
Tuesday, March 31   The Long Goodbye 227-379  
Thursday, April 2   The Name of the Rose 1-105  
Tuesday, April 7 Paper 1 corrections The Name of the Rose 109-236  
Thursday, April 9   The Name of the Rose 237-354
  (through the end of the fourth day)
Tuesday, April 14   The Name of the Rose 357-465
  (through Sixth Day, Terce)
Paper 2 assigned
Thursday, April 16   The Name of the Rose 466-579
  (to the end, also the postscript)
Tuesday, April 21 Paper proposal due The Yiddish Policemen's Union 1-100  
Thursday, April 23   The Yiddish Policemen's Union 101-96  
Tuesday, April 28 The Yiddish Policemen's Union 197-311  
Thursday, April 30   The Yiddish Policemen's Union 312-411 Discuss exam
Monday, May 4, by noon Paper 2 due    
Final exam
Friday, May 8
8:00-10:00 a.m.

Note that this schedule of readings and assignments is tentative.  I will make additions and adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.