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English 4420 critical response topics, fall 2017

Note that critical response essays have a 250 word minimum and must be typed: responses shorter than 250 words will not pass. Avoid plot summary or straightforward retelling of "what happens" in the work—see nugget 1.

Format your response according to MLA guidelines for margins, spacing, name, date, etc., headers, etc. as outlined on my "simple stuff" page. Note that I will not accept critical responses that have any errors in document formatting: responses submitted with any "simple stuff" errors in formatting will be returned to you ungraded, and you will have to fix the errors and resubmit your work to get credit for it. Works cited pages are unnecessary for critical responses unless you are using an edition of the novel other than the one ordered for the class and listed on the syllabus. Even without works cited pages, do still follow the MLA conventions for documenting quotations as explained in Q1-3 on my quotations page.

1.1 Due Thursday, August 17th: Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther is one of the foundational texts in European Romanticism, exerting a major influence over such important English Romantics as Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Percy Shelley, among others. Consult an authoritative source describing key facets of Romanticism (with a capital R!), and demonstrate how Werther exhibits notably Romantic sensibilities in the first half of the novel. Include at least three quotations from the novel, and be sure to document any information taken from other sources.

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1.2 Due Tuesday, August 22nd: TBA.

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