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English 4900 reflective response topics, spring 2018

Note that reflective response writings should range between 250 and 500 words, and when written outside of class must be typed and turned either in print form or to the appropriate "Assignments" dropbox in D2L as indicated below. Responses shorter than 250 words will not pass.

Format your response according to MLA guidelines for margins, spacing, name, date, etc., headers, etc. as outlined on my "simple stuff" page. Note that I will not accept reflective responses that have any errors in document formatting: responses submitted with any "simple stuff" errors in formatting will be returned to you ungraded, and you will have to fix the errors and resubmit your work to get credit for it. 


RR4) Due printed in hard copy at your individual conference the week of April 16th: How do you feel about your presentation draft? What are its strengths and weaknesses (on its own terms, so don't focus on what you had to leave out)? What have you learned about the writing process or your own writing in cutting the paper down, now to seven or eight pages? And what are your thoughts about presenting this cut-down paper to the department in two weeks?

On deck:

RR5) Online form due Friday, May 4th, 9:00 p.m.: TBA

Previous reflective response topics—no longer valid for submission.

None as yet

RR1) In class, Wednesday, January 11: In two or three paragraphs, describe your feelings about taking this capstone course: what are your fears, what expectations do you have for the class, what strengths of yours will be most essential to succeeding and thriving in the class?

RR2) Due in hard copy at the beginning of class, Wednesday, January 24: In separate paragraphs, describe the ups and downs you experienced in the process in arriving at your statement of topic and project prospectus. What challenges did you face in each, how did you address these challenges, and what is your outlook on your larger project (the paper) now?

RR3) Due printed in hard copy at the beginning of class Wednesday, March 21st: Address all three topics, being bluntly honest both with yourself and with me:

a) Now that you have completed the first full draft of your paper, evaluate your progress thus far: how confident do you feel about the quality of your paper?

b) How have the knowledge and skills acquired through other English coursework at MGA helped you succeed in your project thus far? If appropriate, you might mention specific classes or assignments in your other coursework.

c) What, if anything, are you having to learn in composing your capstone paper that prior coursework may NOT have prepared you for so fully?