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English 4900 schedule, summer 2018

Updated 6/11/18

Note that this schedule of meetings and assignments is tentative. I will make adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice when making changes in the schedule.

Day/Date Assignments due Conference/meeting
Wednesday, May 30 Read course syllabus Telephone conference @2:30
Thursday, May 31 Drop/add ends

Friday, June 1

Statement of topic  
Tuesday, June 5 Project prospectus  
Thursday, June 7 Annotated bibliography  
Tuesday, June 12 Paper: pages 1-5 Office meeting @ 11:30
Friday, June 15 Paper: pages 1-10  
Tuesday, June 19 Paper: pages 1-15 Office meeting @ tbd
Friday, June 22 Paper: pages 1-20  
Tuesday. June 29 Paper: complete draft Office meeting @ tbd
Tuesday. July 3 Paper: revised complete draft  
Tuesday, July 10 Paper: cutdown draft  
Tuesday, July 17 Paper: revised cutdown draft Office meeting @ tbd
Tuesday, July 24   Oral presentation @ tbd
Friday, July 27 Paper: final draft full paper