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Individual project 1


Two parts to this assignment:

1) After reading chapters 2 and 3 in Technical Communication, address Chapter 3, General Project 2 (on p. 57) in a memo of 300-400 words. As a supplement to this memo, also include an Audience and Use Profile Sheet," as explained and illustrated in the text. You might refer to Chapter 15 in our text for more on memo format, or you may use a carefully chosen template from MS Office, online, or elsewhere. Save the final draft of the memo either as an MS Word document or in PDF format.

2) After reading chapter 4 in Technical Communication, address Chapter 4, General Project 2 on p. 78 in a two-page handout that I will share with your classmates. Be sure to cite your sources: any standard documentation format is okay (MLA, APA, or other), just be consistent in your method. Save the final version of the document in PDF format.

Submit both assignments, as separate documents, to the Individual project 1 dropbox in D2L.