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Individual project 2


Two parts to this project:

1) After reading chapter 7 in Technical Communication, construct an online survey of at least five questions on any topic of your choosing (anything at all is fine: best breeds of dogs; the popularity of soccer in the USA; eating habits: cooking at home vs. fast food vs. takeout vs. restaurant dining; anything else you might genuinely enjoy soliciting opinions on). 

  • Include a mixture of closed- and open-ended questions (see Technical Communication. 7.5, or pp. 140-41).

  • You should use a free online survey-building tool such as Google forms, surveymonkey.com, or 123contactform.com. Other options are fine too. If you are a new user, you may need to create an account.

  • Solicit input from at least five people via email (friends and family members are fine), cc'ing me in your "cover email" requesting participation in the survey. It's okay to inform your invitees that the survey is a class project. You would do well to test your cover email and survey carefully before soliciting input.

  • Record the survey results in a one-page memo addressed to me.

    Note: I am happy to help if you have any difficulties with online form-builders.

2) After reading chapter 8 in Technical Communication, see the one "General project" at the chapter's end (pp. 163-64). Find examples of any four of the different types of distortion or interpretive errors listed in the bullet points, either from the media, personal experience, the Internet, or social media. Write a brief explanation of the distortion or interpretive error for each example separately (three or four sentences max), citing sources as necessary, using whatever system of documentation you like—aim for simplicity and ease of reading. Submit your work in memo form addressed to me, and know that I may share your document with the class.

Submit both assignments separately to the Individual project 2 dropbox in D2L.