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Individual project 3


Two parts:

1) As you are read chapter 11 in Technical Communication, section by section, complete the first 18 exercises, recording your improved versions of the roughly 100 sentences in an MS Word document. You can copy and paste each exercise from the Revel ebook as you go.

Put some effort into designing the document so that it is easy on the reader and pleasing to the eye. After completing the exercises individually, proofread the entire document, save it in PDF form, and post it to the appropriate dropbox in D2L.

2) After you have read chapter 12 to the end, complete the following two General projects from the end of the chapter (pp. 278-79), combining both in one single document, with the final version saved in PDF form:

  • Question 1 (including the table and two graphs stipulated and also answering the questions in the paragraph following the bullet points).

  • Question 3 (naturally, you do not have to use actual dollar amounts from your annual spending: you can estimate wildly and include exotic expenses that you do not in truth have; include at least eight different categories of expenses).

Submit both parts separately as PDF documents to the Individual project 3 dropbox in D2L.