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Collaborative project 1


This assignment requires mastery of material covered in chapters 7-9 of Technical Communication, so you should read these chapters carefully before before getting too far into the meat of the project.

The project is a summary of research of at least six sources on the topic of whether or how gerrymandering practices are detrimental to our democracy in the U.S. You will need to begin with one or more research questions (p. 122 in Technical Communication), and you must include a range of secondary sources, including at least two websites, two news articles, and two scholarly journal articles or books.

The finished product you are to build is essentially an annotated bibliography of the research you discover, with each source being summarized in both an informative abstract and a descriptive abstract (see p. 177 in Technical Communication). You have leeway in document construction and formatting, but you will need bibliographic information (i.e. works cited info) and both types of abstract for each of the six sources.

All of you will have turns at being team leader for collaborative work this semester, but going on order of registration, for this first project I'm assigning Patty Harrison as project leader. I will post your email addresses in a D2L news announcement so that Patty can contact team members.

As a group, you will need to decide who does what, namely, who seeks out which sources, and you should all work together in producing and editing the final product, which is to be submitted in the Collaborative project 1 (assignment) dropbox in D2L.

It will be up to you to decide how you communicate with one another and what your timetable is leading up to the due date of Sunday night, October 22nd, at midnight. Although Patty is project leader, others in the team can and should make suggestions. As in the "real world," your schedules are likely to conflict, but you may want to communicate by telephone or meet in person in addition to working through email.

I know you are being thrown right into the fire with this first collaborative assignment!  After you complete it, we will discuss in the next module what you learn through your experiences collaborating on this exercise.

Email me if you have questions, or see me in the office for my input on your work before submitting it.

Each of you, separately, should submit the finished product to the Collaborative project 1 dropbox in D2L.