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Collaborative project 3

Um, if the assignment below sounds strangely familiar, that's because Collaborative project 2 was not as stunningly successful as I had hoped, so we're going to try it again. This time I'll provide more specific guidance on the whole project as the "team leader." 

We will meet Monday on campus (or via Google Hangouts or Skype, for those who cannot make it to campus): check your email for a message from me sent Sunday morning re: the meeting time and place.  Also note the addition of two additional components to the project beyond the two-page handout and brochure: a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the key information from the brochure and drafts of Facebook posts and Tweets marketing the brochure.

Our task is to start from scratch and rebuild the two documents designed in Collaborative project 2:

1) a new two-page handout defining plagiarism and offering advice on how to avoid it

2) a tri-fold brochure containing the most crucial and valuable information from the two-page document.  

Both documents should be absolutely professional-caliber, work that might actually be shared on the MGA campus and perhaps other college campuses as well.

Additionally, we are to include two new elements:

3) a four-to-six slide PowerPoint presentation that might be used in an oral presentation of the material in the handout and brochure

4) polished drafts of material that might comprise a series of three or four Facebook posts and Tweets publicizing the availability of these materials for possible distribution to English majors and MGA students more generally. These posts should be saved in a Word document submitted to the assignment's dropbox.


  • A new "Audience and Use Profile" worksheet for this project (see p. 30). For the assignment, our intended audience is undergraduate students who use the Writing Center or the Student Success Centers (SSC's) on our five MGA campuses.

  • We must use at least two of these communication tools at least once apiece in planning, reviewing, drafting, revising, and editing processes:

    • Skype or Google Hangouts for a real-time virtual meeting (we can do video meetings with cell phones, if you don't have a computer with camera capabilities)

    • The Google group I have created for the class (you should receive an invitation through email)

    • Google docs or Dropbox (you will need to set up accounts--both are free services)

      • (A quick online "how to" search of each of these tools will yield simple, straightforward instructions.)

  • Both initial documents must include visual elements (chart, picture, other artistic elements, etc.): at least one on each page of the two-page handout, at least three total on the brochure.

  • All students must participate in the revision and editing process, using inserted MS Word "comments" to make suggestions and comments on the working document.

I, Dr. Rogers, am acting as team leader for this project, though all of you must take initiative and participate extensively and effectively.

Each of you, separately, should submit the finished product, including the Audience and Use Profile sheet and the Facebook and Twitter posts, to the Collaborative project 3 dropbox in D2L.