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Collaborative project 3



The assignment is to write a proposal for a research project addressing one of the options below—the choice is yours as a group:

a) the desirability of expanding MGA's graduate certificate program into a 30-hour master's degree (M.A. or M.S.),

b) the need for incorporating experiential learning into the MGA graduate certificate program in Technical Writing and Digital Communication, whether through a substantial service-learning project or through some type of internship opportunity,

c) expanding or improving recycling MGA's paper and plastic recycling program on the Macon and Cochran campuses.

Important note: Read chapter 16 carefully before embarking on the planning of this project. Your assignment is not to complete the research project itself, but to write a proposal seeking approval to proceed on the project at some future time.

Research help: Don't forget that you have access to great help from Graduate Studies Librarian Dana Casper (see her widget on our course's D2L homepage).


Shannon is team leader. If any of you has questions about any part of this assignment, email chip@chipspage.com.

Deadline: Wednesday, July 11th at 9:00 p.m.

Meetings: The team must have two synchronous, real-time meetings, with at least one using online videoconferencing technology such as Hangouts, Skype, etc. I would strenuously advise that one of these meetings take place before the weekend, Friday at the latest. I would also urge you to complete the project planning sheet during your first meeting (see below). Have someone take minutes for both meetings (see chapter 17, pp. 467-68), and post these minutes in the collaborative workspace indicated directly below.

Collaborative workspace: Share drafts, revisions, feedback, ancillary documents, etc. in an online collaborative depository such as Google Docs or Dropbox.com (you may use one already in place for an earlier project). Avoid emailing whole drafts among the group, and take care to date and time-stamp any documents you post or work on in the online system. Grant me access to the workspace you set up so I can check in every so often.

Formatting/document design: The proposal should be in standard memo format, with a length of 3-4 pages.

Audience and audience profile sheet: Complete an Audience Profile Sheet, as with earlier projects, and share this document in the online workspace. For option a) or b) above, address the memo to Dr. Amy Berke, Chair of the English Dept., and me, Chip Rogers, the Coordinator of English Programs; for option c) address the memo to MGA's Assistant Vice President of Facilities, David Sims.

Project planning sheet: Very early in the process, complete the project planning sheet linked here. Adjust and revise the form as you like. Share this document in the collaborative workspace online and keep it updated as your work progresses.

Progress report: Due Monday before noon, by email sent to chip@chipspage.com, submit a brief one-page progress report detailing your work on this project: what has been done, what has yet to be done, etc. (see chapter 17, pp. 454-63).

Timing and scope: Lay out a plan for completing the proposed research project over 5-7 days, and indicate the anticipated schedule for completion in a brief Gantt chart (see chapter 17, pp. 436-37). Include this Gantt chart in the body of the proposal memo.

Final format: PDF.

Submission method: Each of you, individually, submit the final document to the Collaborative project 3 dropbox in PDF form.