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Collaborative project 4: the formal report

CP3 Consultants are hired! Or will it now be CP4 Consultants?

Your final collaborative project is to conduct the research outlined in your collaborative project 3 proposal and present your findings and recommendations in a formal report (a "recommendation report") of roughly 20-25 pages (including front matter and end matter). Obviously, you should all read chapter 18 before jumping into the work.

It's Melissa's turn as team leader.

I'm not imposing a list of requirements for number of meetings with minutes, etc., and the only thing you'll turn in is the report itself (no audience profile sheet, project planning sheet, or other ancillary materials). Naturally, I'd hope that you use all the processes and tools we've worked with this term, but truly, how you go about your business is up to you this time.

My original intent was to have you do a smaller fourth collaborative project and then assign this recommendation report as the "formal report" due at the end of the eighth unit, but given the intelligent depth of your proposal, we'll just drop the plan for the original fourth project and have you spend two weeks on this recommendation report.

In terms of grades, this project will count as the "formal report" on the syllabus, the single largest chunk in your semester grade, 200 points--no pressure! For the Collaborative project 4 grade, all you need to submit is a two-page progress-report memo that includes an updated Gantt chart (with each task identified not by "task number" but by some brief actual description). The due date for this one document (for the CP4 grade) is Monday, July 16th by noon, and only one of you needs to submit it in the appropriate D2L dropbox.

The final draft of the report should include each of the following, all carefully formatted:

Title page
bulletAbstract (100-150 words)
bulletTable of contents
bulletList of tables and figures or other illustrations (if any)
bulletExecutive summary (300-350 words)
bullet12-15-page report body (the text of the report itself should be roughly 3500 words minimum).
bulletGlossary (if needed)

bulletBibliography (Works cited list in MLA style)
bulletAppendix(es) (if needed)

Separate from the report, include a transmittal letter addressed to Dr. Amy Berke, Chair of the English Department.

Use me as a resource to help with any part of this report! Email me if you have quick questions or to set up a meeting or phone call if needed. And while you have free rein to contact anyone you like for the research, please do be respectful of university administrators' time. In your proposal, I believe you noted faculty needs only in English and ITEC. You'd do well to include NMAC in the equation as well. For staffing questions, you might reach out to Dr. Berke as your first resource, and I can help with staffing questions as well.

Deadline: Wednesday, July 25th at 9:00 p.m.

Each of you, separately, submit the finished product, comprised of transmittal letter and the full report in a single PDF, to the Formal Report dropbox in D2L.