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Individual project 1, part 2


There are four parts to this assignment, two already submitted in Unit 1, two more due this week in Unit 2:

3) After reading chapter 3 in Technical Communication, find "Case 3: Understanding Why Revision Software Cannot Revise and Edit Your Document" in LaunchPad and read it carefully. However, do NOT complete all the steps given for the assignment, writing a memo to your teammates, etc. Just do this one thing: download Document 3.1, revise it as you see fit, then submit the revised document saved in PDF format to the Project 1 dropbox in D2L.

4) After reading chapter 4 in Technical Communication, address exercise 6 on p. 82. However, rather than preparing to "share your responses with the class," compose three or four paragraphs (roughly 300-400 words) in a document of your own formatting—i.e. it need not be a memo—and here, too, save the final product and submit in PDF format in D2L

Email me if you have questions.

As with the first part of the project, submit the two new documents separately to the Individual project 1 dropbox in D2L.