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Individual project 3

In Unit 7, we reach the apex of our journey through The Non-Designer's Design Book and address document design in our Tech Comm text as well. This project calls for some quick research and then the designing of two sets of documents. The samples in the table below were composed by the professional Marketing and Communication team at MGA, and "MarComm," as we call them, have agreed to let us help in the creation of comparable documents next up on their list of small-scale marketing materials. In other words, if your work here is genuinely high-quality, it may be published—printed professionally and distributed widely to audiences within and beyond the university.

1) Study the sample documents for program information sheets (8.5 x 11) and rack cards (4 x 6) carefully, noting design elements and also the sorts of information they convey through visual images and written text.

Program information sheets (8.5 x 11 in.)
     MGA Respiratory Therapy (B.S. programs) View online PDF (download)
     MGA Aviation (multiple programs) View online PDF (download)
     MGA Musicianship (B.A.) View online PDF (download)
Rack cards (4 x 6 in.)
     MGA Math (B.S.) View online PDF (download)
     MGA Secondary Education (B.S.) View online PDF (download)
     MGA Information Technology (MSIT) View online PDF (download)

2) For two of the programs listed below, do some research (on mga.edu and elsewhere, as you determine), and construct professional-quality information sheets (8.5 x 11 inch front and back) and 4 x 6 inch rack cards (front and back). MGA uses templates for these docs, which you may try to approximate at least roughly, but so long as you present similar types of information and convey a similar tone in your work, any design you come up with is fine. Naturally, you should think hard about audience as you construct these marketing materials.

Research and draft the longer information sheet first, then scale back to the most crucial essentials in the much shorter rack card. Images and graphics copied from mga.edu do not require documentation, but do cite sources for any images gotten from any other sources.

Choose two (search mga.edu for information on each program):

  • Psychology (B.S. program)
  • Public Service / Human Services (B.S. program)
  • Rehabilitation Science (B.S. program)

Submit all four documents, two information sheets and two rack cards, in both PDF format and in design format (Word, Publisher, InDesign, Canva [if possible], etc.), to the Individual project 3 assignments dropbox in D2L.

Let me know if questions arise. . . . Email me at the chipspage.com address.