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Individual project 5


Three parts to this project:

These instructions are detailed. Read them very carefully. I recommend printing this page and highlighting and annotating each part before you get into the actual work. As always, let me know if you have questions. 

1) So it appears that, at least for the purposes of this assignment, you are very particular about how your dishes are put away after being run through the dishwasher. After reading and taking notes on chapter 19, compose instructions for unloading your dishwasher and putting up the dishes in their proper locations. Number the steps (at least ten in all) and make the instructions clear, specific, and easy to follow. Format your work for ease of reading, save the instructions in PDF form, and submit to this module's individual project dropbox.

2) It also appears that you may have trouble remembering how to submit assignments in D2L! Compose carefully constructed instructions for how to submit your dishwasher-unloading instructions into the Individual project 5 dropbox in D2L. Start from the point of logging into to D2L, and illustrate each step of the process with "screen-shots" of successive computer screens.  (Note: you can use the "Print Screen" key to capture a screenshot and then paste it into your document by clicking the "Control" and "v" keys simultaneously. You'll probably need to crop and resize the image so that it fits where you want it in your document. If you need technical support, I'm available!)  Include at at least five numbered steps in your instructions. Save these instructions, too, in PDF form, then follow the steps to submit this second document to this module's individual project dropbox.

3) After reading chapter 24, see General Project 1 on p. 616.  Do the research indicated in this project, but instead of a "top 10 list," create a top 5 list of effective Web writing principles. Acknowledging your sources, summarize what you believe are the the five most important principles in writing for the web. Your completed document should be a one-page handout to share with classmates, carefully and tastefully formatted, saved in PDF form, and posted to the Individual project 5 dropbox in D2L.

As always, let me know if I can help with any part of these assignments. Email me, see me in the office, or set up a phone call!