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Individual project 5

This project has three components, each offering some choice in topics. Naturally, read Technical Communication chapter 20 before getting into these assignments. Note that several of the topic options are taken from the exercises for this chapter in our text.

Layout and visuals: Document design is wholly up to you (you guys are good!); include graphics of whatever type you can find or generate as you see fit.

Research and sources: You may, of course, do online research for any topics as needed; just be mindful to acknowledge your sources (and include hyperlinks for any web sources). Obviously, you should not borrow wholesale from any sources; use the research to educate yourself, then put your work all into your own words (try to avoid even paraphrasing—indicate any paraphrasing with in-text citations or footnotes).

Hint: The Tables and Guidelines sections for descriptions on pp. 550-52 and for instructions on pp. 566-68 are very helpful!

Submit all three items as separate documents as PDF files to the appropriate D2L dropbox.

Part 1: Object/mechanism description of 2-4 pages (choose one):

  • a bicycle derailleur
  • an MP3 player, or a DVD player (not both)
  • a food processor
  • a pacemaker (medical device)

Parts 2 and 3: Instructions, 2-4 pages each (choose two):

  • changing a car tire
  • converting a WAV file to an MP3
  • programming a DVR to record every Atlanta Braves baseball game, including the addition of 60 minutes beyond the scheduled air time (whatever DVR system you have access to is fine—DirecTV, Dish, Cox, Comcast, Xfinity, whatever)
  • two parts: a) uploading a Word document to an assignment dropbox in D2L; b) viewing professor feedback, including attachments, for that assignment after it's been graded (this one may be used by MGA professors if done well, and more than four pages is okay if needed)