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Individual project 1


Two parts to this project:

1) After reading chapters 1 and 2 in Technical Communication, address exercise 2 on p. 40 in a two-page memo (roughly 400 words is fine even though the exercise specifies 500 words disregard the erroneous comment on the 500 words!). You can refer to Chapter 14 in our text for more on memo format, or you may use a carefully chosen template from MS Office, online, or elsewhere. Save the final draft of the memo either as an MS Word document or in PDF format.

2) After reading chapters 3 and 4 in Technical Communication, address exercise 6 on p. 82. However, rather than simply preparing to "share your responses with the class," compose three or four paragraphs (roughly 300-400 words) in a document of your own formatting—i.e. it need not be a memo—and here, too, save the final product in either MS Word or PDF format.

Email me if you have questions.

Submit both documents separately to the Individual project 1 dropbox in D2L.