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Collaborative project 1: Event program


Two groups, each to complete the same project described below

Group 1: Mark, Kennia, and Taylor

Group 2: Kourtney, Sydney, Ben

To protect your privacy, I have posted contact information for both groups in a D2L announcement. It is up to the members of each group to decide how to proceed. An important first step will be initiating contact with group members: I am not assigning team leaders for this project, but each of you should take responsibility for getting in touch with the group and organizing your tasks as soon as you can. You may want to communicate by phone for initial planning (figuring out what needs to be done, and who should do what), though email can work for this as well. You should share drafts and contributions and revisions via email, cc'ing me on each email communication among the group.

Project requirements:

  • The finished product is a four-page event program composed in MS Publisher and submitted in final version as PDF. By "four-page program," I mean specifically what is called a "half-fold" document printed with two pages on each side of one sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper (exactly the kind of publication I showed you examples of in class with the two Crossroads Writers Conference programs and the tournament program booklet I created for my little league baseball all-stars). Four pages means four numbered pages—front cover, two pages of inside matter, one back cover—not four separate sheets of paper containing more pages. Think of a fairly thin church bulletin, e.g., with no inserted "middle" page(s). You must use Publisher, as noted above, but if you still aren't clear on what a four page half-fold program is, follow the link for this Word template for illustration.

  • The program is for a lecture at MGA titled "Modern African Literature: Culture and Identity," to be delivered by Dr. Eustace Palmer, an expert on African literature and culture. The event takes place Thursday, March 8th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the Macon campus Arts Complex Theater. You should include (most likely on p. 3), this order of proceeding for the event:

    Welcome - Dr. Mary Mears

    Introduction of speaker - Shekennia Grover

    Lecture - Dr. Eustace Palmer

    Question and Answer session - Students and Dr. Palmer

  • Closing remarks - Dr. Mary Mears

  • The information you have here is minimal, so you'll need to flesh out the rest of the program (pp. 2 and 4, e.g.) with a visual or two and information about the speaker and/or the Africa Lecture Series or the University System Africa Council (USAC) that is putting on the event. You might advertise the other lectures in the series beyond this one event. In any case, you should probably do some quick researching online to find out more about the speaker(s) or the organization, whatever you aim to include in the program. See this flyer promoting the lecture series.

  • Do, of course, be mindful of Robin Williams's guidelines on CRAP and type.

  • Do be a good classmate/colleague: participate effectively and in timely fashion: do NOT be "that student" who makes people dread group work!

  • Do let me know if you have questions or issues as you proceed. I'm happy to help via email or telephone over the weekend or in the office Monday.

The deadline is by the start of class Tuesday, February 27th.

Each of you, individually, submit the PDF final version to the Collaborative project 1 dropbox in D2L. At least one member of each team should also submit the Publisher file.