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Individual project 3: Logo docs


Two different sets of documents to create, meeting these stipulations:

  • Each set includes these four items: business card (with your name), one page of letterhead, one return-addressed envelope, and one sheet of half-page letterhead.

  • You may start any of these documents from a template, but you must alter templates significantly.

  • You must include some sort of logo for each of the two businesses (see below). Something as simple as the business name in a snazzy special font is fine, or even a tasteful large first letter of the company (or initials) would do as well.

  • Incorporate at least two colors besides black into the design of your documents (you may use black, definitely, just use two additional colors as well).

  • The two sets of documents should have entirely different, independent designs.


  • Naturally, you should consult The Non-Designer's Design Book as you work through this project, especially pp. 113-24 in chapter 8 and the chapter on designing with color.

  • I would recommend building each business card, in particular, from a template (in MS Publisher or via download from an appropriate website). But be sure to manipulate the layout of your card so that the finished product is substantially different from the template.

  • For the half-sheet letterhead, you can use the standard A5 size (5.23" x 8.27"). In Word, click the Layout tab, then "Size" in the "Page setup" area of the toolbar, then scroll to find "A5"; in Publisher, click the "Page Design" tab and then "Size."  You will need to adjust page margins.

  • For the envelope, you can choose the "Mailings" tab in Word and then paste your address info into the Return address box; or in Word or Publisher find the "Size" option as instructed above, select "More paper sizes" and then in the "Paper size" box scroll to "Custom size" and enter a width of 9.4" and height of 4.125". However you get there, the envelope doc should have these dimensions: 9.4 inches width and 4.125 inches height (be careful not to confuse "paper size" with "document margins").

Design set 1 (all four documents) for this fictitious company:

Blackie's Autoworks, Inc.
3130 Whitney Place
Knoxville, TN 37917

Design set 2 (all four documents) for another company of your own choosing or creation (there you go, Kourtney!): include its physical address, telephone, email, web address, and at least one social media address.

The deadline is by the start of class Tuesday, February 13th.

Submit both sets of documents saved in PDF form (eight pieces total) to the Individual project 3 dropbox in D2L.