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Individual project 4: Memos


Two memos, meeting these stipulations:

  • Length of between 150 and 250 words (in the body of the memo, excluding to, from, subject lines, etc.)

  • Substantially different design or formatting for each (can both be from templates).

  • One should follow the "direct method" of giving the "bottom line" first; the other should follow the "indirect pattern," delivering the key bad news at or very near the end.

  • Both should be respectful and professional in tone throughout, with a clear consideration of how the audience is likely to receive the message.

Memo 1: from you, acting directer of HR (Human Resources), addressed to all employees of Gnarly Boards, Inc., announcing that alcohol consumption on company premises during (or outside of) work hours is now forbidden. You can come up with whatever rationale for this new policy seems appropriate.

Memo 2: from you, vice president of operations at Leonard's Factory Furniture, addressed to the 120 employees working at five showroom outlets, announcing that poor sales have necessitated a staffing reduction of five employees at each location (25 total) and indicating that corporate officers will conduct whole-staff meetings at all five locations on dates yet to be determined, but within the next two weeks. Here, too, you can be creative with any plausible background information you deem necessary.

Submit both documents, saved as PDFs, to the Individual project 4 dropbox in D2L.