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Individual project 6: Persuasive Letters


Again, two letters, meeting these stipulations:

  • Length of between 250-300 words for each (excluding to, date, signature, etc.)

  • Complete one Audience and Use Profile Sheet linked here for each letter (leave blank any lines that don't apply).

  • Use (demonstrably) the three rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos, pathos) and follow the AIDA format.

Letter 1: Compose a letter to be sent from you, a Professional Writing student, to all MGA sophomores persuading them to pursue the Minor in Professional Writing. (Full letterhead is optional, but you should at least incorporate some of MGA's branding—logo or other.)

Letter 2: Compose a letter advocating involvement in some particular student organization on campus, addressed to incoming freshmen, from you, a member of MGA's Class of 20XX. To clarify, the goal is not to encourage involvement with any student organization, but one that you single out for special notice. You can find a list of all registered student organizations at https://www.mga.edu/student-life/docs/Student_Life_Student_Organizations.pdf.

Submit both letters (each with its Audience and Use Profile) in PDF form to the Individual project 6 dropbox in D2L.