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Writing exercise 4: tables and charts


Four things here (some with multiple elements), all to be included in a single Word document (titled "Tables Exercise"):

1) Insert an MS Word table of two rows and seven columns containing your work, school, and recreational schedule for one full week (so the top row should have the days of the week and the second row the various activities scheduled for each day). Put some effort into formatting the table: explore options in styles, shading, borders, etc., making it sharp and easy to scan.

2) Copy the following table of MVP-year statistics for Hall of Famers Chipper Jones and Mickey Mantle into MS Excel, then create both a bar chart and a line chart for the data (try several options to see what's available and useful for clear visual comparison). You will have design (style) options for both, so click on a few possibilities to see what you like best.  Be sure to give the chart an appropriate title. Copy and paste the chart into your word document, and resize or format additionally as needed.

Note: You should be able to copy the table from this web page and paste it into Excel.

MVP comparison  G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA
Chipper Jones 1999 157 701 567 116 181 41 1 45 110 25 3 126 94 0.319
Mickey Mantle 1956 150 652 533 132 188 22 5 52 130 10 1 112 99 0.353
(Source: baseball-reference.com)

Copy the following table tracking instances of Anya's weekly (doggy) misbehavior into MS Excel and create a pie chart from it, then paste the chart into your Word doc. Here, too, click through style options, give the chart a title, and make it look sharp.

Food stealing Senseless barking Begging  Scratching window Trash can items
4 18 7 12 4


4) In MS Excel create a table, a bar chart, and a line graph (or spray chart) displaying the following data, copying and pasting your three final products into your MS Word doc:

  • In 2015, Blackie's Autoworks served 815 customers, Lemke's Motors served 656, and Maddog's Repair served 1012

  • In 2016, Blackie's Autoworks served 755 customers, Lemke's Motors served 687, and Maddog's Repair served 1117

  • In 2017, Blackie's Autoworks served 519 customers, Lemke's Motors served 673, and Maddog's Repair served 1219.

Answer this question: which of the three graphics would be most useful to someone a) wanting to see exact numbers, b) comparing customer-traffic trends for all three businesses over the three years, and c) interested in comparing customer traffic at two of these establishments in a particular year?

Make all three elements as clear and visually pleasing as you can: the table, the bar chart, and the line graph (or spray chart).


Submit the Word document to the Writing exercise 4 dropbox in D2L before the Friday 6:00 p.m. deadline.