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Writing exercise 5: graphics


Your task is to construct a two-page document in Word or (preferably) Publisher meeting these requirements:

  • Both pages of the document have two columns of text.

  • The visuals should be integrated into paragraphs of the nonsense text included at the bottom of this page (just copy and paste it into your document, and trim what text you don't need or copy as much more as you need to fill out the columns). The text should be in eight-point font size in a serif font other than Times Roman.

  • You must insert five different visuals:

    • one photograph of a German shepherd

    • one clip art image of a Siberian husky

    • one map (any kind) of the state of Texas

    • one Atlanta Braves logo (any of several possible options is good)

    • one bar chart (on any data, one from your Excel exercise a few weeks ago will be fine, or one created from one of the tables included in my "Excel samples" document linked here).

  • These visuals may be of variable widths, and you should experiment with different text wrapping so that there is at least some variety in your placement of the visuals.

  • Either in very small font beneath each visual or in a footnote at the bottom of each page, give brief credit to your sources (just a bare-bones URL or web address is fine).

  • Here is the random text to paste into your columns (you can shorten or lengthen or otherwise rearrange paragraphs however you like):

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Submit the final version in both Word or Publisher form and PDF to the Writing exercise 5 dropbox before the Sunday 6:00 p.m. deadline.