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Collaborative project 2: Data analysis

As a group, decide what kinds of analysis you should perform for the qualitative data and quantitative data you generated through the survey and interviews conducted over the last week for research exercise 7. After the initial meeting, you should schedule at least two further meetings (in person, through videoconferencing tools such as Hangouts, Skype, etc., and/or through conference telephone calls) to organize and report your work and to engage in the business of actual analysis.

Note: group work often takes place through the work of the group in synchronous "real time," not just through individual assignments submitted separately to a central collection point.

All of you should, early in the week, finish reading chapter 7 in our textbook (pp. 207-22): the authors discuss different ways data analysis can be presented visually, and you'll want to follow their advice where it helps.

The final product: Compose a document of 4-5 pages presenting your data and your analysis of it. Do, definitely, include visual elements; do, definitely, draw conclusions about your findings at the end; and if you have any recommendations to offer after analyzing the data, do share them.

After your first meeting, have one of the team email me a fully completed planning sheet, laying out how you intend to structure the work of the project and who is supposed to do what--and when. If any information on this planning sheet changes over the course of the week, email me updated versions.

Submission instructions: each of you, separately, should submit the completed 4-5-page document in PDF format to the Collaborative Project 2 dropbox in D2L.