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Research exercise 3

This exercise is a reflective (journal-type) informal writing of 2-3 pages (formatted in correct MLA style as outlined on my simple stuff page: any work with errors in formatting I will return to you ungraded).

Read chapter 2 in Workplace Research carefully, taking notes about any matters that strike you as important regarding workplace dynamics, from "impostor syndrome" through "who's who" and "organizational structures," on to competing sets of agendas.

If you yourself work in an organization where you recognize the impact of any of these important matters you identify in your notes, write three or four developed paragraphs describing how your workplace experience illustrates or bears out what O'Leary and Hunt say about work environments in chapter 2. If you do not have the kind of workplace experience to write about yourself, interview someone close to you (a family member, e.g.) or someone you trust to be open and forthright, asking him or her to comment on how his or her workplace experience illustrates or bears out O'Leary and Hunt's ideas in this chapter.

Submit your reflection to the research exercise 3 dropbox in D2L by midnight Thursday.