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Research exercise 5

This exercise takes us a few steps into what will later, in a different assignment, become a research proposal on the topic you all have begun looking into: acadmic advising at Middle Georgia State.

In what should be somewhere around a page and half to two pages single-spaced, formatted with section headings and designed for ease of reading (i.e. bullet points are okay when appropriate), complete the first five "parts of the proposal" as outlined on p. 91 of our Workplace Research text:

  • Title
  • Summary/abstract
  • Aims/objectives
  • Research question
  • Introduction/background/rationale.

You might also see the first three sections of the sample proposal on pp. 94-95 for modeling purposes.

Submit your 1.5-2 pages to the research exercise 5 dropbox in D2L by midnight Thursday.

Let me know if you have questions, as always.