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Research exercise 7

This exercise collects data that will ultimately inform the second collaborative project (which is due November 5th). We went over the tasks for this exercise in class, but they are summarized here in brief:

  • Compose and conduct a survey about academic advising of English majors at MGA.

    • You may collect survey responses in print form and online via surveymonkey.

    • As an enticement for participation, you may announce that participants will be entered into a drawing for a $20
      Visa gift card.

    • Assure participants that their identities and specific opinions will remain anonymous.

  • Conduct an interview with your academic advisor (or me) eliciting qualitative data on how faculty advisors view academic advising here at MGA. It's up to you what questions to ask, but your fundamental goal should be getting the advisors' perspective on how well the advising process works and how it might be improved.

What to submit: All that's due for this exercise is the raw data collected through the survey and the interview. Each of you, separately, should submit the same data generated from the survey and also a one-page summary of the data garnered through the interview with your advisor (or me). You might submit these items as separate documents posted in the same D2L dropbox, or you could combine them into a single document.