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English 4650 schedule, summer 2020

Updated 7/21/20

Note that this schedule of meeting and assignments is tentative. I will make adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.

  Dates Readings Topics Assignments
May 28-29

Drop/add ends June 2
Course syllabus Introduction to course


Unit 1

Sat. May 30-
   Wed., June 3

Drop/add ends June 2

Style, by Williams and Bizup, Lessons 1-2, pp. 2-26
Style, Lessons 3-4 (pp. 28-63)

What, exactly, is style?
"Actions and Characters"
Thurs., June 4 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in Zoom
Sat., June 6    

Paragraph assignment 1
Writing exercise 1

Unit 2

Sun. June 7-
Wed., June 10

Style, Lessons 5-6 (pp. 64-92)
Style, Lessons 7-8 (pp. 93-120)

Cohesion and Emphasis
Clarity of Form
Thurs., June 11 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in Zoom
Sat. June 13     Writing exercise 2
Paragraph assignment 2
Unit 3

Sun. June 14-
  Wed., June 17

Style, Lessons 9-10 (pp. 121-59)
Style, Lessons 11-12 (pp. 160-92)

Grace: Concision and Shape
Elegance and Ethics
Thurs., June 18 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in Zoom
Sat. June 20    

Writing exercise 3
Paragraph assignment 3

Unit 4

Sun. June 21-
  Wed., June 24

Style, Appendix I (pp. 193-212)
Elements of Style, Part I: Elementary Rules of Usage
What, exactly, is editing?
Scale and scope, types of editing
Thurs., June 25 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in MS Teams
Sat. June 27     Paragraph assignment 4
Editing exercise 1
Unit 5

Sun. June 28-
  Wed., July 1

Elements, Part II: Elementary Principles of Composition
Elements, Part III: Matters of Form
Political aspects of editing
Editing: tools and practical methods

June 30th Last day to withdraw "W" grade
Thurs., July 2 No video meeting this week
Sat., July 4: Independence Day Holiday!
Sun. July 5     Editing exercise 2
Unit 6

Sun. July 5-
  Wed., July 8

Elements, Part IV: Words . . . Commonly Misused
Elements, Part V: An Approach to Style
Editing your own work, especially
Thurs., July 9 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in MS Teams
Sat. July 11     Writing exercise 4
Editing exercise 3
Unit 7

Sun. July 12-
  Wed., July 15


Editing: audience, rhetoric, and more audience
Editing others' writing, especially

Thurs., July 16 No video meeting this week
Sat. July 18     Editing exercise 4
Editing project 1
Unit 8 Sun. July 19-
  Wed., July 22
  Editorial wisdom through the ages
Reflecting on what matters in what we've learned
  Thurs., July 23 Video meeting 1:00 p.m. in MS Teams
  Wed. Jul. 29     Writing exercise 5

Editing exercise 5

Editing project 2