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Editing project 1

Here's the scenario: you work in the (fictional) Tutoring Center (TC) at the University of Middle Georgia (UMG), and four of your fellow tutors have offered to help develop a two-page handout to share with UMG TC clients (sorry!). They have each composed separate documents intended to

a) define plagiarism

b) offer tips on how to avoid plagiarism

c) provide online resources for those who are interested or in need of them.

Your editing task is to take the best parts of their four documents and distill them into one single document of two single-spaced pages. These are your colleagues, so while your goal is the strongest, most professional final product possible, realize that you may hurt some feelings if you do not include at least some elements from each one. You are not required to include elements of all four, though you should add a brief note to the final product explaining why you did not incorporate elements from any that you do not draw from at all.

Don't put loads of time into document design, but do make the basic layout clear and easy on the reader.

Here are your colleagues' four versions in one file: Editing project 1 docs

Submit just the final document to the Editing project 1 dropbox in D2L.