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Editing project2

Edit any twelve page pages of your own writing (3750 word minimum), improving the vigor, grace, and power of the prose at the sentence level and reducing the length by at least 600 words.    

  • Keep as much of the fundamental substance of the original as possible: avoid deleting entire paragraphs, and aim to reduce word count not by deleting entire sentences but by making every sentence leaner and more concise.
  • So long as it meets the length requirement, any of your own writing will work: 12 pages of any scholarly or academic paper, fiction or creative nonfiction, workplace writing—whatever you have. If you don't have any documents of such length, you can combine however many smaller documents it takes to reach the 12 pages or 3750 words.      
  • Be ruthless in paring back the prose—one word, two words, three words at a time.

Submit just the original and the edited pages  to the Editing project 2 dropbox in D2L.