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Paragraph assignment 2

After reading "Lesson 7: Motivation," in Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace and participating in the associated threaded discussion, do these two things:

1) Following numbered items 1-6 on p. 103 (or Exercise 7.3), analyze the introduction from any significant paper or essay you've written for any upper-division college course. If you were to revise the introduction after reading Williams and Bizup's ideas about introductions, what would you change, and why?

2) Consciously attending to this chapter's advice about introductions motivating readers to want solutions to problems, practical or conceptual, construct an introductory paragraph on any topic related to teenagers and social media. You need not consult sources for this assignment, but if you do, cite them following either MLA or APA style.

Save both parts in a single Word document and submit to the Paragraph assignment 2 dropbox in D2L.