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Paragraph assignment 4

Do in two steps:

1) In two or three well-developed paragraphs (300-400 words total), compose a rough (first) draft of narrative instructions for changing a flat tire on an automobile you or a family member owns. You may consult owner's manuals, family members or others, YouTube videos—any sources you can think of—but the instructions should be your own writing. Indicate sources carefully with in-text citation (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or simple footnotes is fine). Rather than paraphrasing source material, you may want to take quick notes and then flesh them out in your own prose.

2) Edit the paragraphs carefully, streamlining the prose and consciously including as many of the different types or principles of punctuation from Appendix I of Williams and Bizup's Style as you can. Edit and proofread in at least three or four separate drafts so that the final version offers the strongest writing you can muster.

    Post both first and final drafts in a single Word document to the Paragraph assignment 4 dropbox.