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English 2122.04 schedule, fall 2016

Updated 11/6/16

Note that this schedule of readings and assignments is tentative.  I will make additions and adjustments as need arises, giving ample notice in class and on the web when making changes in the schedule.

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Monday, August 15  

Course syllabus
21XX syllabus supplement
2000-4000 grades and grading

Introduction to course
Simple Stuff
The Romantic Era  

Wednesday, August 17 Student info (online)

Golden rules
William Blake overview
Blake headnote 43-46  

  "There Is No Natural Religion" (a & b) 46-47

  Songs of Innocence 48-54

Thursday, August 18 Drop/add ends    
Monday, August 22   Nuggets
Blake: Songs of Experience 54-64
  "The Book of Thel" 64-68
Wednesday, August 24 Terminology test (D2L quiz) Elements of fiction
Elements of poetry

Class canceled
Monday, August 29  

Word problems
William Wordsworth overview
Wordsworth headnote 124-27
  "Preface to Lyrical Ballads" 135-47
  "We Are Seven" 127-28
  "The Tables Turned" 130-31
  "Lines Composed . . . Tintern Abbey" 131-35
  "Michael" 163-73 
  "I wandered lonely as a cloud" 177-78
"My heart leaps up" 178
  "The world is too much with us" 185-86

Wednesday, August 31   On plagiarism
Samuel Taylor Coleridge overview
Coleridge headnote 250-52    

  "The Eolian Harp" 252-54
"This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison" 254-56   
  "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" 256-72 

  "Frost at Midnight" 290-92
Monday, Sept. 5 Labor Day holiday Labor Day holiday 
Labor Day holiday
Wednesday, Sept. 7   Percy Bysshe Shelley overview
Shelley headnote 376-78
  "Mont Blanc" 380-83
  "Ozymandias" 386
  "A Song: Men of England" 386-87
  "England in 1819" 387
  "Ode to the West Wind" 388-90
Monday, Sept. 12   John Keats overview
Keats headnote 466-69    
  "The Eve of St. Agnes" 477-87
  "La Belle Dame sans Merci" 488-89  
  "Ode to a Nightingale" 492-94
  "Ode on a Grecian Urn" 494-96
  "To Autumn" 515-16
Class canceled
Wednesday, Sept. 14   Mary Shelley overview
Frankenstein iii-x, 1-81
Paper 1 assigned
Monday, Sept. 19 Writing matters test (D2L quiz) Frankenstein 81-166  
Wednesday, Sept. 21 Paper proposal

Introduction to Victorians
Alfred, Lord Tennyson overview 
Tennyson headnote 613-16
  "The Lady of Shalott"  618-22

  "The Lotos-Eaters" 623-24 

  "Ulysses" 624-25
  "Locksley Hall" 628-34
  "The Charge of the Light Brigade" 681-82

Monday, Sept. 26   Robert Browning overview
Browning headnote 709-12
  "Porphyria's Lover" 713-14    

  "Soliloquy of the Spanish..." 714-16    

  "My Last Duchess" 716-17    

  "Love among the Ruins" 721-23
  "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" 723-29
Discuss midterm
Wednesday, Sept. 28


  Midterm exam
Monday, October 3 Paper 1 due Jane Eyre xiii-xlix, 1-91  
Wednesday, October 5   Jane Eyre 91-185  
Monday, October 10   Jane Eyre 185-319  
Wednesday, Oct. 12 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
Jane Eyre 319-416  
Monday, October 17   Jane Eyre 416-527  
Wednesday, Oct. 19   Oscar Wilde overview
Wilde headnote 874-77
  The Importance of Being Earnest 886-929
Monday, October 24   Hardy headnote 986-87
  "Hap" 988
  "Neutral Tones" 988
  "The Darkling Thrush" 989-90
  "Channel Firing"991-92
  "The Convergence of the Twain" 992-93
  "Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?" 993-94
  "He Never Expected Much" 995
Wednesday, Oct. 26   Joseph Conrad overview
Conrad headnote 996-99  

  Heart of Darkness 999-1057
Monday, October 31 Paper 1 corrections W. B. Yeats overview
Yeats headnote 1057-60   

  "No Second Troy" 1066  

  "September 1913" 1067-68    
  "Easter 1916" 1068-70    

  "The Second Coming" 1073-74    

  "Leda and the Swan" 1076-77
  "Sailing to Byzantium" 1077-78 
Wednesday, November 2   Virginia Woolf overview
Woolf headnote 1095-97
  "The Mark on the Wall" 1097-1102
  "Professions for Women" 1217-20
James Joyce overview
Joyce headnote 1221-23
  "Araby" 1223-27
Monday, November 7   James Joyce: "From Ulysses" 1256-64
Handout: Ulysses excerpt: "Lestrygonians"
Paper 2 assigned
Wednesday, November 9 Paper proposal D. H. Lawrence overview
Lawrence headnote 1264-65
  "Odour of Chrysanthemums" 1266-80
  "The Horse Dealer's Daughter" 1280-95
Monday, November 14   T. S. Eliot overview
Eliot headnote 1298-1301
  "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" 1301-5
  "The Waste Land" 1305-1319
  "The Hollow Men" 1320-22
  "Journey of the Magi" 1322-23
Wednesday, November 16 Paper 2 due

Samuel Beckett overview
Beckett headnote1353-55
Handout: Happy Days

November 21-26
Thanksgiving holiday Thanksgiving holiday Thanksgiving holiday

Monday, November 28

  W. H. Auden headnote 1411-12
  "Musee des Beaux Arts" 1415
  "The Unknown Citizen" 1418
Philip Larkin 1433-40
Wednesday, November 30   Jean Rhys headnote 1348-49
  "The Day They Burned the Books" 1349-53
Nadine Gordimer headnote 1441
  "The Moment before the Gun Went Off" 1442-45

Monday, December 5

Paper 2 corrections Margaret Atwood headnote 1485-86
  "Death by Landscape" 1486-98
  "Miss July Grows Older" 1498-1500
Discuss exam 
Final exam
Wednesday, December 7