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Individual project 2

Once your topic from research exercise 2 has been approved via email, construct an annotated bibliography of at least eight scholarly sources delving deeply into that topic. Restrict your research only to books, or articles from books, and refereed journal articles. You must include at least one book from MGA's Cochran campus library (use GIL Express to get it).

Format works cited entries carefully and correctly according to MLA guidelines as outlined on my quotations page. Do not rely solely on automated online "citation helper" tools.

For each of the eight sources, give each a works cited entry and a brief annotation of about 150 words (no fewer than 125, excluding the works cited entry) summarizing the source's central argument and main points. Your annotations should be roughly comparable to article abstracts you might see in some library databases (JSTOR, etc.). Restrict sources to legitimate scholarship, and avoid including any open-access websites as sources.

You should not copy any portion or even paraphrase existing annotations: this assignment must be wholly your own work, and you'll need to read the source carefully and fully if it's an article, and if it's a book, at least partially to get an accurate overview.

Due date: midnight Thursday, September 6th.

How to submit: Post the finished project to the Individual project 2 dropbox in D2L.