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Research exercise 2

This one's a cinch:


Choose a topic in your major field for advanced study in a research-heavy project, something more involved than a typical "research paper" you might do as a term paper. If your major includes a Capstone project, you could test the waters with a capstone topic here in this assignment.

State your topic as specifically as possible, using this wording: "I want to learn more about __________ because I think __________.

Example 1 : I want to learn more about Dickens's parents because I think they may be reflected in his fiction in ways not fully appreciated.

Example 2: I want to learn more about effectiveness of alternative sentencing practices in domestic violence convictions because I think alternative sentencing methods might reduce corrections expenditures and significantly improve offender rehabilitation.

2) List at least four or five questions you would want to answer in researching the topic you identified in part 1, such as "How did Dickens feel about his parents?" "and What characters are commonly acknowledged as based upon Dickens's parents?" etc.; or "What types of alternative sentencing are common in domestic violence convictions?" "How are perpetrators of domestic violence most effectively rehabilitated?" etc.
3) Email items 1 and 2 to chip@chipspage.com; upon receiving my response, proceed to do the research outlined in Individual project 2.