About Dr. Chip:

    I go by "Chip" because my real name is Arthur Larry II. I spent nearly a decade getting a doctorate because, frankly, it was hell being a "Mr. Rogers." Yes, I live in a neighborhood, and yes, I do own a few sweaters. So? (If you don't get this, see Mr. Rogers on YouTube.)

    Before coming to Macon I lived in Durham, North Carolina (twice); Spartanburg, South Carolina; Washington, DC; Dallas, Texas; Claygate, Surrey, England; Charlotte, North Carolina (twice); Knoxville, Tennessee; Charleston, South Carolina (my favorite), and Claremore, Oklahoma. My undergraduate school was Duke University, I have an M.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and my Ph.D. is from the University of Tennessee. One highlight of my formal education was a semester studying Russian language and culture at Leningrad State University in the Soviet Union.

    I'm in my twenty-fifth year of teaching college English, with stints at the University of Tennessee, the College of Charleston, and The Citadel before landing a tenure-track position at Rogers State University in 2004. I started at Macon State College in 2007 and am thrilled to be tenured as an Associate Professor at Middle Georgia State. From 2012 through 2016 I served as Coordinator of Core English at MGA; since 2015 I have been the Coordinator of English Programs; as of Fall 2017 I am also the Coordinator of Graduate Technical Writing Programs. My areas of academic specialization are the novel, narrative theory, and British literature of the 19th century. In the master's thesis I examined authorial intrusion in Henry Fielding's Tom Jones; my dissertation explored autobiographical implications of Charles Dickens's narrative discourse in David Copperfield, Bleak House, and Great Expectations.

    Before I began teaching I tended bar for a decade in Charlotte. I also did stretches in restaurant and catering management, newspaper rack accounts, and commercial painting. 

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)this was something of a shock! I did chemotherapy in 2008 and am in full remission with a good outlook for the future. I owe my life, literally, to the outstanding doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals at the Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta. The kind and good folks at Emory, one and all, kick ass!

    I don't "rock" like I did back in the day playing keyboards in an exceptionally loud band, but I do still play the piano some. I'm a brilliant singer when no one else is listening :-). Recently I've been collaborating on new tunes with an old rocker bud in Charlotte: check out a few poorly recorded tunes here on the web. I'm a huge sports fan: go Braves! go Blue Devils! go Carolina Panthers! go Manchester United!  But above all, go Braves!

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