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English 0999.03A schedule, spring 2021

Updated 4/25/21

This schedule of readings and assignments is tentative and subject to change as need arises.

Day/Date Assignments due Readings due In class
Wednesday, January 13  

Course syllabus
0999 syllabus supplement

Introduction to course
Monday, January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day No class meeting No class meeting
Tuesday, January 19 Drop/add ends    
Wednesday, January 20    

D2L "start here"
Simple Stuff
999 Exercise 1

Monday, January 25    

ENGL 1101 pre-test
(D2L assessment course quiz)

Wednesday, January 27

Golden rules quiz

  Reflection 1
Monday, February 1    

999 Exercise 2
InQuizitive registration
   and "How To Use"

Wednesday, February 3 Reflection 2 Mindset video 1 Nuggets practice
   "Editing the Errors That Matter"
Monday, February 8 InQuizitive: Subject-Verb Agreement
Reflection 3
Mindset video 2

Sample paper proposal
999 exercise 3 
 (on paper assignment)

Wednesday, February 10 InQuizitive: Verb Tense & Forms    
Monday, February 15

Nuggets quiz

  Workshop: revision strategy
Wednesday, February 17 Reflection 4
: Sentence Fragments
Mindset video 3

999 exercise 4: argumentation

Monday, February 22     Workshop: TBA
Wednesday, February 24 InQuizitive: Comma Splices  

Writing workshop
(corrections work and paper 2)

Sample graded paper
Sample corrections

Monday, March 1 Reflection 5 Mindset video 4 Workshop: paper 2
Wednesday, March 3 InQuizitive: Fused Sentences   Workshop: argumentation
Monday, March 8 Reflection 6 Mindset video 5 999 exercise 5: introductions
Wednesday, March 10 Last day to withdraw 
with "W" grade
  Writing Center and conference
Monday, March 15 InQuizitive: Pronoun Agreement    
Wednesday, March 17 InQuizitive: Pronoun Reference   999 exercise 6: conclusions
Monday, March 22 InQuizitive: Apostrophes    
Wednesday, March 24 Paper proposal conferences Paper proposal conferences Paper proposal conferences
Monday, March 29

InQuizitive: Pronoun Case

  Workshop: corrections
Wednesday, March 31 InQuizitive: Modifier Placement  

Writing Center and conference

Monday, April 5 InQuizitive: Mixed Constructions   999 exercise 7: Quotations
Wednesday, April 7 InQuizitive: Words Often Confused   999 exercise 8: paragraph unity
Monday, April 12 InQuizitive: Omitted Commas No class meeting No class meeting
Wednesday, April 14 InQuizitive: Unnecessary Commas   999 exercise 9: paragraph unity
Monday, April 19 InQuizitive: Incorporating Quotations   ENGL 1101 post-test
(D2L assessment course quiz)
Wednesday, April 21 InQuizitive: Punctuating Quotations    
Monday, April 26 InQuizitive: MLA Documentation   999 exercise 10
Wednesday, April 28 InQuizitive: Integrating Sources   Conferences
Final exam
Monday, May 3
Reflection 7