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Final portfolio


This portfolio brings together a sampling of works you have completed over the semester and six new documents. Its intent is that you display the knowledge, skills, and professionalism you have developed through the course. Read all instructions carefully, and let me know if you have questions.

Submit the finished portfolio in a pocket folder (not a "binder" or notebook), with all items printed on paper.

Number the pages and include a portfolio title page and table of contents.

Part 1: Completed documents:

  1. The best of your flyers from Individual project 2 (flyers)

  2. Design set 1 or 2 from Individual project 3 (logo docs)

  3. Memo 2 from Individual project 4 (memos)

  4. Letter 2 from Individual project 5 (sensitive letters)

  5. Either letter from Individual project 6 (persuasive letters).


Part 2: New documents:

  1. A sheet of cards (4-8 per page) giving newly admitted MGA instructions for logging into SWORDS for the first time (extra credit if also submitted by email by Wednesday, April 18th)

  2. A flyer promoting an event in the Africa Lecture Series, a lecture by Dr. Shamani Shikwambi titled "African Leadership: The Need to Hand the Baton Over to the Youth.” It will be held on Monday, April 23rd at 1:00 p.m. in the COAS/Arts Complex lobby. Jamaican food will be served (free) and juices will be sold for $1.00. Include some pictures of food. (extra credit if also submitted via email by Wednesday, April 18th)

  3. A memo from the Gnarly Boards CEO (give him or her a name) announcing that employees will no longer receive company health insurance

  4. Two informal reports of your choosing from the four options in the exercises listed on pp. 297-98 of our Business and Professional Writing text

  5. A professional-caliber resume (consult chapter 11 of Business and Professional Writing and also pp. 145-48 in The Non-Designer's Design Book)

  6. A bi-fold brochure promoting MGA's Bachelor of Arts in English degree (use the MGA website, the MGA catalog, and perhaps the existing brochure to garner content).